Carelessness Can Cost You

Many Americans are worried about someone stealing their credit card, paycheck, or debit card numbers, but they may be overlooking the one easy way thieves can access your financial information… your trash. Thieves easily can find receipts, statements and bills with valid account numbers in trash cans. Some easy steps you can take to prevent … Continue reading Carelessness Can Cost You

5 Bad Money Habits That Are Dragging You Down

Depending on how you were raised and how you’ve learned to treat money, you may have picked up some bad money habits over the years. That’s completely normal, but if you don’t recognize those habits and actively try to correct them, it could have a massive effect on your financial well-being in the future. Luckily, … Continue reading 5 Bad Money Habits That Are Dragging You Down

Finding the Right Allowance System for Your Kids

Experts explain that the earlier you set children up for an allowance the better, starting around ages 4–5 (when they start to learn to count money). So, if you’re ready to start implementing a pay system to help your kids learn the value of a dollar, here are some allowance strategies to try in your … Continue reading Finding the Right Allowance System for Your Kids

Tracking Habits for Joint Accounts

Every couple deals with money in their own unique way. Although it may be a difficult conversation, comparing your spending with your partner’s may be a huge step forward in getting on the same financial page. This is especially true if you’re sharing household expenses, with each partner responsible for specific categories. Being on the … Continue reading Tracking Habits for Joint Accounts

New Name. Same Mission. Same us.

For many years, we’ve existed as 1st Financial Federal Credit Union. A name that, while common and quite institutional, didn’t tell the story of us. The story that we have been trying to tell anyone who would listen for fifty-two years. Alltru is a name that reflects our collective ownership and demonstrates our shared integrity. … Continue reading New Name. Same Mission. Same us.

We are Alltru Credit Union

Fifty-two years ago, a small group of men and women in North County St. Louis, began pooling their funds together.  They trusted one another.  They started this credit union with the belief that everything is possible when people work together with integrity and trust. They built a financial institution as a not for profit cooperative.  … Continue reading We are Alltru Credit Union

Pros and Cons to Paying Your Bills with a Credit Card

Credit cards offer incredible convenience. With just a quick swipe or a linked account, you can instantly buy something. It seems like a no-brainer to use that convenience for taking the hassle out of paying bills or buying something. But, is it a smart idea to pay your monthly bills with your credit card? Choosing … Continue reading Pros and Cons to Paying Your Bills with a Credit Card

What COVID has Taught us About our Finances

All the things happening in 2020 have often made it difficult to look on the bright side. Even our humor has often been dark. Memes are floating around about trying to guess what disaster will hit us next. Whether it’s “murder hornets,” dual hurricanes, or any number of the other history-making things that have happened … Continue reading What COVID has Taught us About our Finances

What is the Right Age to Start Building Credit?

Establishing good credit is central to reaching important financial milestones, such as buying a home or a car. Credit can also affect employment, rent and insurance rates. A good credit score is not only the difference between being approved or declined for a loan, but it also has a large impact on the rates you … Continue reading What is the Right Age to Start Building Credit?