Meet Katie: Questions own intellect

You know that scene from Dumb and Dumber when Lloyd and Harry are at rock bottom so Lloyd goes to the grocery store just to get the bare essentials. The next scene has Lloyd walking down the street with a supersized cowboy hat, paddle ball game, pinwheels and a case of beer. That pretty much sums up my money management skills in my 20s.

My husband and I met when I was 19 and he was the ripe old age of 21. I was a sophomore in college, and he was of legal drinking age so it was love at first shot. Not long into our relationship we came up with the great idea for him to quit his steady job back home and move in with me at college. We had bills to pay and no backup plan.

Through the years our Dumb and Dumber ways continued. We had a ton of fun {read: vacations, too many bars/restaurants to remember, expensive toys, hobbies, hunting trips, land, etc.}, but the first 10 years of our marriage we didn’t make the best financial decisions. Don’t get me wrong, we were still living pretty well thanks to two steady incomes, but with each salary increase, our debt increased too.

Bad spending habits led to mounting debt, high interest credit cards, overdraft fees, late fees, bad credit scores and high interest loans. On top of that, we didn’t have an emergency fund, had very little in our savings account and our retirement plan was non-existent.

Pretty smart, huh? Now I like to think that we’re fairly intelligent people, but reading this back, I’m honestly starting to question my own intellect.

But we’re probably just like many of you… bumping along through life, living paycheck-to-paycheck, having babies and figuring it out as we go. This piles up and then that piles up and then next thing you know you’re $65,000+ in debt and not sure where to go.

But I’m here to tell you that there is hope. Want to know how I know that? Because if I can figure this out, anyone can.

I’m by no means a financial guru and I’m new to this industry, but I’m committed to helping people save money, make money and save time.

My background is in marketing. Why marketing? Because I love to tell stories. Not just any story though, the story has to matter. Which is what brought me to 1st Financial.

I’d love for you to join us.


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