Meet Kyle: Adele fanatic/bacon hater

My name is Kyle Chumbley and let me just say, welcome to the Get Real blog by 1st Financial Federal Credit Union.

So before we dive into this thing, how about I introduce myself ? I am 22, a recent graduate from UMSL, I have no kids, I’m Adele’s biggest fan, I hate bacon (so un-American, I know), and I like long walks on the beach (so cliché, yes). I started at the credit union two years ago as a teller and was recently promoted into the marketing department.

I thought this would be just “another job” where I could clock in and out. I was wrong! I have always had a passion for helping people, so when I discovered 1st Financial was built on the philosophy of people helping people, I was completely sold. This job has turned into something extraordinary. I could go on about the credit union, but that would be entirely way too much. Know this though, I love what I do.

My goal for this blog is to introduce you to the products, services and concepts that have helped me and so many of our members. I am so excited you are taking this journey along with me and my fellow bloggers. I want you to be in charge of your money and knock down the walls so many institutions have put up between you and taking the next step.

Knowledge is power.  


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