Meet Tracy: Learning to buffalo

Buffalo is one of the most powerful words you’ll hear me use. Buffalo in that instance, whether I’m encouraging myself or someone else is a verb. Yes, Buffalo is an action word…

It’s moving forward, it’s what you do while being brave in the face of a storm.

If you’re going to get to know me, then you should know about the Buffalo.

Buffalo became my mantra in 2010 when I gathered my kids and we left our home to confront the storm of uncertainty, insecurity, and the emotional and financial struggle of divorce. My sister-in-law gave me this mantra when she told me the story of the Buffalo. She told me about the incredible behavior of this animal whenever a storm came across the plain and how our indigenous people revered them for it. Still today when Buffalo are faced with a storm, rather than hiding or running away, they put their heads down, come together and move straight toward the storm. The Buffalo know that they will be safe on the other side. She told me to be like the Buffalo.

With four kids, a dog, no savings, no health insurance, no phone and only a part-time job I left. I Buffaloed.

I’ve had to Buffalo much over the past seven years. I’ve also been able to give the gift of the Buffalo mantra to many who have needed the inspiration!

During these rough times, I learned the benefits of Credit Union membership! My credit union was a strong resource for me during some pretty rough times. Since starting my career at 1st Financial, I have now had the incredible privilege of helping others through the turbulent storms of financial insecurity.

As the Community Development Manager, I can truly say that much of my success simply comes from the fact that I know what it’s like to need resources, to need financial education, to need encouragement!

I look forward to sharing more with you about the strong, hard, inspiring work being done in our community and what I’ve learned about overcoming adversity, especially as it relates to my journey toward financial security. Buffalo!


2 thoughts on “Meet Tracy: Learning to buffalo

  1. This dialogue is neccessary. Real talk, for real people. “Making personal finance great again”!

    Strong and inspiring work 1st Financial.


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