I’ve never been the type of person to have a hobby.  I haven’t particularly LOVED one thing enough to call it a hobby.  I like cooking, but I certainly don’t love it.  I like art, but it’s less a hobby, and more like I doodle a lot in meetings.

That all being said, ever since becoming a homeowner, I’ve become obsessed with home improvement projects.  I’ve been watching home improvement shows since Bob Villa was the king of handymen, but it wasn’t until I had the power of the cordless drill in my hand that I discovered my obsession with progress could manifest into a constantly improving living room landscape.

Then Fixer Upper was born and my life has never been the same.

Since we purchased our house in 2015 I have completed the following projects:

  • Removed wallpaper and repainted every single wall
  • Painted the trim in the entire house
  • Laid concrete counter tops in the kitchen
  • Stained the top kitchen cabinets
  • Installed hardware in the kitchen cabinets
  • Painted the bottom kitchen cabinets
  • Painted cabinets in the bathroom
  • Framed the bathroom vanity mirror
  • Installed hardware on bathroom vanity cabinets
  • Installed all new lighting fixtures in the dining room and kitchen
  • Painted the front door
  • Replaced the kitchen faucet
  • Dug out a million tons of rock and replanted what felt like miles of landscaping
  • Painted the shutters and mailbox on the front of the house
  • Replaced the mantle and covered the gold trim on the fireplace
  • And much much much more….

before and after image

Now the list is moving from these small little projects to full on dreaming of remodels.  I so badly want to finish our basement.  Right now we have ONE finished room in the basement.  Just enough to make me feel like it’s an unfinished project, which if you know me, is a straight up mind melt.

As a homeowner I have the option of taking out a Home Equity loan.  Home equity loans work differently than traditional loans. This type of loan allows me borrow up to a certain amount of my home value, but the equity in my home stands as collateral for the loan. Interest rates are typically much lower than a credit card, so I get more bang for my buck.  The best way to use a loan which uses home equity as collateral, is to use it for home improvement projects which increase the value of the home.

Therefore, I get to be a fixer upper, improve the value of my home, keep my savings account intact, and save money in interest.  That’s totally win-win-win-win.  WAY more wins than usual.

To celebrate this home improvement resource, 1st Financial is giving away a $100 Home Depot gift card!  Simply comment below with your latest project and share this post via social media using the hashtag #1stFinancialDemoDay before 5/31/17.  It’s that easy.  We’ll happily help fund your next little improvement.

When you are ready for your next BIG improvement, let the credit union see if we can help there too.  We love Home Equity loans.  In fact, we specialize in helping people move on to the next step in whatever stage they are in. Homeowner or not.  Tell us your dream and I’m betting we can help.

Until next time!

Live long and prosper,


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4 thoughts on “#HomeImprovementAddict

  1. Rework bedroom with hanging drapes, replacing carpet and painting walls all of which has not been done since we moved in 9 years ago!


    1. Hi Carol! Thank you so much for entering the contest and for being members! Replacing carpet and painting is exhausting but the end result is always so rewarding. 🙂


  2. We are extending our back yard. My husband and I got married in 2012 we found the perfect house for the 2 of us. Then we had a daughter then we had a second daughter, the girls are now one and two and a half. Our house is still perfect but getting smaller by the day, our backyard was perfect but now with two girls we need to extend it so they can run and play outside. We live on a hill so while our land is about an acre (I think) a lot of the land is unusable because we are on a hill. We have begun with the process of extending our backyard, creating a retaining wall then adding a fence and then a playground. We actually saw the kits for the playground so that my husband can put it together at Home Depot this weekend! The second project will be to extend our living room. Our house was perfect for two but a little small for 4. 🙂


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