4 Tips to Safeguard Your Financial Information

Shopping online is easy, but it also creates new opportunities for hackers to get a hold of your personal and financial information. How’s it possible to feel comfortable shopping online and using online banking services when you’re surrounded by the threat of hackers, scammers, and the infamous Dark Web?

Here are some tips to help keep your financial information safe while you shop online.

Tip #1: Do the Basics. This means regularly updating your online passwords, storing your passwords in a safe location, using multi-verification authorization, enabling email and mobile notifications and shredding all personal documents.  All these things can contribute to fewer problems down the line. I receive email and text notifications, so I know immediately when something unusual is happening with my money. I also receive my statements online to ensure that they are being delivered straight to me.

Tip #2: Check Bank Activity Regularly Online. This is a great tool that I use every day! I check my account activity, balances and transactions daily with my credit union mobile banking app. It makes it so easy to log in (I even secure my app one step further by using the fingerprint ID login on my iPhone) and check the status of my accounts.

Tip #3: Watch for Email Phishing. Did you know that most of the fraudulent activity with your financial information comes from email phishing? I know I get at least a handful of emails daily that say “if you send us your banking information we will wire you a certain amount of funds” and its usually from some company or person overseas. Those are definitely scammers looking to take your personal financial information to gain access to your account. Don’t do it! It’s never a good idea to send funds to anyone that you don’t know… even if they “really, really need your help.”

Tip #4: Use Safe Payment Methods.  I love all the options I have when it comes to paying for anything whether it be online or in person. I utilize Apple Pay any chance that I get and it makes it so easy for me to pay for anything I’m buying. Also, when shopping online, make sure to take advantage of websites that allow you to use secure checkouts. When in doubt, leave it out.

Remember, there will always be a hacker lurking around the corner to get your personal information, but if you utilize these tips, you’ll significantly reduce your risks of having your information compromised. When in doubt contact the credit union and we will help you!

Stay safe my friends,
Chelsea Springli

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