Thankful for Convenience

Life isn’t perfect. If it was, we would all be doing exactly what we wanted, getting everything we wanted and money would never be an issue. Even though life isn’t perfect, holidays like Thanksgiving make me think about how grateful I should be for what we have. I’m always grateful for all the major things in my life like my family, my friends, my husband, and my job, but what about the little things that make my life easier. Like for instance convenience when it comes to banking. I am a strong advocate for all the services and products my credit union offers me to make my life easier.

Online and Mobile Banking: We have all had a moment of “let me look at my checking account and make sure I can purchase groceries or buy gas today.” I’m constantly checking my balances to make sure there’s enough money and that I authorized all of the purchases that are coming through. It’s routine for me now to check my accounts and I’m grateful for the convenience of being able to have this right at my fingertips whenever I need it.

SnapDeposit: We all know that one person who never has cash on them and ends up having to write a check for everything. I am that person who tosses that $10 check into my purse and completely forgets about taking to the credit union to deposit it. Not anymore! Thanks to the convenience of SnapDeposit, I can deposit checks into my banking account whenever I want with just a snap of a picture.

Shared Branching: Again, it’s the small things that make my life easier and really make me grateful to belong to my credit union. If you don’t know about shared branching, sit back and enjoy what I consider to be one of the greatest conveniences that we have. Let’s say you’re on your way to a concert and you need some cash for the night, but you forgot to go to the ATM on your way home and now you are nowhere near a 1st Financial ATM. Ugh, the fees that you’re going to be charged are outrageous. Well, guess what? You can visit almost any credit union ATM and withdraw cash without a fee. Mind blown! I’m saying you can go to a First Community Credit Union ATM and pull out cash with being hit with a fee. Now that’s something to be thankful for!

Digital Wallet: Did you know you can pay for just about anything with your phone? I love being able to walk into the store, not have to worry about juggling my purse, my wallet and just grabbing my phone and running in. Digital Wallet allows you to save your debit card or credit card information to your phone. Then when you’re at the checkout you just hover your phone above the card reader and pay for your items with your phone. It’s secure, safe to use and very convenient. Could it be any easier?

As you sit around this holiday season and look back at all the things you have to be thankful for, remember the small things that help make your life a little easier. I sure am thankful for the convenience I get with my credit union. Enjoy this time of year and spend it with those who matter to you the most.

Always be thankful,
Chelsea Springli

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