How to spot gas pump and ATM skimmers to prevent faud

Your eyes, fingers and now even your smartphone may be able to help you spot card skimmers at gas pumps and ATMs, but nothing is foolproof.

“Some of the newer skimmers are almost impossible to see, even if you know what you’re looking for,” says David Tente, U.S. executive director of the ATM Industry Association.

Skimmer fraud soaring at ATMs and gas pumps

During 2017, the number of compromised ATMs and point-of-sale devices rose 8 percent, according to data FICO released in March 2018. Meanwhile, the number of compromised cards climbed 10 percent.

That comes on the heels of a 70 percent jump in the number of payment cards compromised U.S. ATMs and merchants in 2016, according to FICO. The number of hacked card readers at U.S. ATMs, restaurants and merchants rose 30 percent in 2016. About 60 percent of those compromises were at nonbank ATMs, such as those in convenience stores.



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