Making an Impact in 2019

1st Financial Federal Credit Union is more than just a banking institution. Like all credit unions, we were created with a philosophy of ‘People Helping People’. This means we have the pleasure of being more than just a checking account or auto loan service provider.  We are a not for profit financial institution, using our limited resources to change lives throughout the St. Louis and St. Charles communities. I have the pleasure of working hands-on with several ways we are making an impact in our communities.

Helping People 1st Grant: We have created community development programs that offer small monthly grants to nonprofits and government programs which are focused in the areas of providing sustainable housing, job training, and education to our communities.  These are the areas we see our members having some of the largest hurdles for financial success and it is our desire to use our limited resources to assist our community to overcome and succeed in each of these capacities. So far, this first quarter we have served, Connections to Success, Mission: St. Louis and Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis. We have been able to grant $1,500 to help assist individuals at each of these nonprofits.

Volunteer Days: As part of our commitment to the community, we offer financial resources to our local nonprofits focused on education, job training, and sustainable housing.  We also know that financial resources are not always the biggest need for these organizations.  For that reason, we offer every employee 8 hours of paid volunteer time each month, to serve our partners in the community. I was given the wonderful opportunity to work directly with each of our community partners throughout the first quarter. We assisted Connections to Success with organizing donations and assisting with their office work. Mission: St. Louis allowed us to come in and paint a classroom that will serve individuals in St. Louis. We also teamed up with Mad City Money to work with Hazelwood West High School students in a hands-on financial reality fair that helped prepare students for their financial future.

Million Dollar Challenge: Our mission at the credit union is to make and save our members money. In 2019, it’s our goal to make and save our members a combined One Million Dollars by refinancing existing loans at a better rate with lower payments, make money with rewards checking, and grow money with high yield savings. As of April 1st, we have been able to save our members $267,623 for far this year.

#YouDidThat: We couldn’t do what we do without the support of our members. As a cooperative that started more than 50 years ago to provide banking services in a way that promoted sharing, trust, and cooperation, we are so proud of what you have helped us become. Investing in 1st Financial is about more than your checking account, it’s a way to leverage your investment into affecting real and lasting change in some of the most under-served communities in St. Louis. #YouDidThat

At 1st Financial, we want you to know that when our members invest their money in one of our checking accounts or auto loans, they have done more than give themselves a low-cost banking product. They have also invested in the future success and continued change in the communities they love. Make where you bank matter!

Be the Difference,
Chelsea Springli

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