Your Summertime To-Do List

Summer is officially here and kicks off this month, school is out, daylight stretches out even longer, and pool days become an everyday activity. As your June calendar is filling up with pool days and backyard cookouts, make sure you build in a little time to keep your finances on track. June is a great time for some family fun but don’t forget your budget.

Here are a few tips to help you stay on track this summer:

Cut the Cord. If you’ve been thinking about getting rid of your phone and cable service in favor of stand-alone internet service, you’ll get the best deal by switching over during the summer. Most service providers cut their annual prices at the beginning of summer to attract people who are moving. Before making the switch, you should factor in the cost of any additional streaming services you might want to purchase to have access to all of your favorite shows like Netflix, Hulu or YouTube TV. You may also need to purchase an antenna to receive your local TV stations. I know, kind of old school, but is the savings worth it?

Get Insured for Summer Activities. Is your home the summer hangout place for the kids in your neighborhood?  If you have a pool or a trampoline that attracts all of the fun, make sure that you also have insurance coverage for any potential accidents. Double-check that your homeowner’s insurance policy doesn’t exclude pools or trampoline coverage (or whatever is relevant), and check with your insurance agent to see if you need to increase your liability.  My dad is an insurance agent so when I moved into my first home he highly encouraged me to take out extra insurance coverage for those just-in-case circumstances.

Credit Union Hack:  Did you know that you can get insurance discounts just by being a member of our credit union? Check it out.

Snag a Deal on Summer Travel. You can make your vacation budget go even further by considering destinations that are the off-season for summer travel, such as the Caribbean or desert destinations in Arizona, California, or Nevada. Make that budget stretch even further and do activities that are right here in town, such as the St. Louis Zoo, Magic House, City Museum, Forest Park or even your own city festival. Some of the greatest memories come out of the smallest (and cheapest) moments.

Check in on Your Spending. Halfway through the year, it’s common to have forgotten all about any financial resolutions you may have set at the beginning of the year, like sticking to a budget. If you’re among those struggling to live within your means, technology can help you get back on track. Apps like the 1st Financial Mobile Banking App can make it easier to track your spending and saving to see whether there are any areas that you could cut back on. The first step to getting on track is getting back to the basics and tracking everything that goes in and comes out of your accounts.

Enjoy your time with your family and friends this summer making memories and doing all those fun activities, but remember after summer is over, you still have a financial commitment to stick too (wa wa waaaaa).

Have fun, but not too much,
Chelsea Springli

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