Making an Impact on Our Community

1st Financial Federal Credit Union is more than just a banking institution. Like all credit unions, we were created with a philosophy of ‘People Helping People’. We’re more than just a checking account or auto loan service provider.  We are a not for profit community development financial institution, using our limited resources to change lives throughout the St. Louis and St. Charles communities. I have the pleasure to work hands on with several ways we are making an impact in our communities.

Helping People 1st Grant: Studies show that some of the largest hurdles for financial success stem from issues with sustainable housing, job training, and education in our communities. To help we’ve created a community development program that offers small monthly grants to local nonprofits and government programs to strategically support their efforts. In Q2 2019, we awarded Beyond Housing, Little Bits Foundation and Habitat for Humanity ReStore with Helping People 1st grants.

Volunteer Days: As part of our commitment to the community, we offer financial resources to our local nonprofits focused on education, job training, and sustainable housing.  But we also know that financial resources are not always the biggest need for these organizations.  For that reason, we offer every employee 8 hours of paid volunteer time each month, to serve our partners in a hands-on way in the community. Our volunteer team served Beyond Housing by painting a home for a very deserving family in need. At the Little Bits Foundation we worked in the warehouse where we sorted through donations that will be going out to the local schools. We also teamed up with Habitat for Humanity ReStore to organize and price items to help offset the cost of building homes for families in need.

At 1st Financial, we want you to know that when you invest your money in one of our checking accounts or auto loans, you’ve done more than give yourself a low-cost banking product. You’ve also invested in the future success and continued change in the communities that you love.

How awesome is that! Where you bank really does matter!

Be the Difference,
Chelsea Springli

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