Top Financial Practices for High School Graduates

Yay, you did it! Congratulations! Even though the school year didn’t end quite as planned, your hard work paid off! So, what’s next? Do you have a job lined up? Or is college or the military your next chapter? Either way, making sure you are prepared to make smart money decisions is important as you … Continue reading Top Financial Practices for High School Graduates

Top 5 Tips for a Healthy Credit Score

How you manage your credit can either set you up for financial success or leave you battling debt for many years. Establishing positive credit can open many doors – from renting an apartment to getting a car loan to buying a home. It’s never too late to develop a strategic plan for managing your credit. Your future self will thank you.

Steps to Take if You’re a Victim of Identity Theft

Many of us have gotten a phone call or letter from the bank saying that your account or credit or debit card has been compromised. I’ve been one of these people. Your heart drops and all you can think of is how am I going to fix all this? Here are some helpful steps to … Continue reading Steps to Take if You’re a Victim of Identity Theft

Credit 101

Having good credit can help you with almost all of life’s major decisions like buying a car, buying a house, getting a new job, and more. Good credit can also help you save money on insurance, utilities, and even cell phone services. But establishing and maintaining a good line of credit is not always easy … Continue reading Credit 101