Carelessness Can Cost You

Many Americans are worried about someone stealing their credit card, paycheck, or debit card numbers, but they may be overlooking the one easy way thieves can access your financial information… your trash. Thieves easily can find receipts, statements and bills with valid account numbers in trash cans. Some easy steps you can take to prevent … Continue reading Carelessness Can Cost You

4 Identity Protection Tips for Summer Vacation

Have big summer travel plans? Warm weather, sunny beaches, and theme parks – these are the hallmarks of summer vacation. Unfortunately, so is identity theft. Vacationers often unknowingly leave their personal information exposed to thieves while traveling, which can turn a worry-free break into a prolonged and stressful fight to reclaim a stolen identity. Before … Continue reading 4 Identity Protection Tips for Summer Vacation

Preventing Identity Theft: What you need to know

Millions of Americans have their identity stolen each year. Steve, VP of Technology at 1st Financial, shares helpful tips to prevent identity theft from happening to you. #identitytheft #reallife #betterwaytobank Featuring: Steve Broadbent & Tracy Verner with 1st Financial Federal Credit Union in St. Louis, MO.

Steps to Take if You’re a Victim of Identity Theft

Many of us have gotten a phone call or letter from the bank saying that your account or credit or debit card has been compromised. I’ve been one of these people. Your heart drops and all you can think of is how am I going to fix all this? Here are some helpful steps to … Continue reading Steps to Take if You’re a Victim of Identity Theft